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A Portrait In Grey

How To Wear All Grey Without Looking Boring

Getting Ready Time: 1 hour and 12 minutes. Believe it or not, but it is a lot harder to put together an outfit in neutral tones than it is to throw some colour into the equation and call it a day. Accessories matter a lot more; precision and exciting details are a key to a great look.

It seems that time is just flying by. It’s mid-October, and I already walked past my first Christmas tree this year. I guess 2017 is slowly heading to an end. Which is not exactly bad, as 2017 was clearly off its rails. It was one storm after another: we had to deal with Brexit, Trump was elected president, people keep telling me that they liked Lalaland, hurricane Ophelia made people tweet ‘apocalypses!’ at a sight of blood-red sun and I almost entirely stopped wearing colour for the last three months. I honestly do not know what part of this year was the craziest; I guess Trump and Lalaland would have to share the first place, but my lack of interest in colour would most certainly place solidly at a second.

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Jumpsuit In Transit

How To Style A Denim Jumpsuit

Getting Ready Time: about 45 minutes. Sorry guys, I forgot to time myself… but it was roughly about 45 minutes. The biggest challenge was finding the right bag. Surprisingly enough, most of the bags I own just felt too girly next to the jumpsuit.

Continuing the series of my all-weather outfits… 

Can you believe that it’s September already? How can it even be possible?! I know we are talking about London here: a place where you have to check a calendar, not a thermometer, to know that summer has started, but it seems like only yesterday we were excited about it being June! And now all of a sudden- autumn is here.

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Paris Haute Couture

My First Attempt At Vlogging

Getting Ready Time: 5 days and 8 hours. It was supposed to be 5 day and 6 hours, but as always I have missed my train back to London.

They say Paris is always a good idea. Which is certainly true, but during Couture, Paris becomes something else entirely. For two weeks each year (one in July and one in January), Paris loses its usual black attire and instead explodes with colour and sparkle. Wherever you go, everyone is immaculately made up in the most outrageous of outfits.

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From Dusk Till Dawn

How To Look Thin When You Gained Shit Loads Of Weight

Getting Ready Time: 3 hours and 7 minutes. And this is why you should never gain weight. It makes finding clothes that fit and look good an absolute nightmare.

Continuing the series of my all-weather outfits… 

Just like every other person alive, I love jeans. But in the last year, I have managed to gain a rather atrocious amount of weight. I won’t tell you how much, it’s too embarrassing. Let’s just say that I can no longer put on my skinny jeans without breaking down and crying in front of the mirror. Which made casual dressing a total bitch.

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The Working Girl

 What to wear to work during this unpredictable English Summer.

Getting Ready Time: 1 hours 11 minutes. This is a fairly simple work wear look, but my hair became a real menace. It’s too long, for the 8 minute blow out I usually do, so I had to up the styling time. Also, please don’t forget to leave enough time to locate the right accessories. Even if you know what you want to wear, small items are easy to misplace.  After 10 minutes of continuous search, I have finally located my favourite bracelets inside a clutch bag I haven’t worn in a year. And I have no idea how it ended up there.

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The Power of White

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy A White Coat Right Now

Getting Ready Time: 41 minutes. Most of which I spent trying to locate a pair of fishnet tights and the red lipstick. I reckon the time could be significantly improved by wearing jeans and not being such a pain-in-the-arse-perfectionist when it comes to red lipsticks.

Step aside black. You soul-sucking reign is over. May has arrived, and even here in London we are enjoying some good weather and a boost of Vitamin D. And yes, perhaps the sunshine won’t last forever. I’m sure by June I will be back in my ankle boots and maybe even snuggling up in something cashmere. This is London after all. But as of now, I am happy in my delusional belief that the good weather is here to stay. And so, I am swapping my entire winter wardrobe for just a single white coat.

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Dream Shoes

The Painful Love Affair

Getting ready time: 188,868 minutes and 15 seconds. Time spent actually getting dressed: 15 minutes and 15 seconds. Minutes spent contemplating whether I should actually wear satin shoes outside and not just keep them on my dresser (in a glass box, with an alarm system attached to it): 188,853.

It was the beginning of the 90s, Ukraine. My mother, who to this day is my style icon, brought home the most fantastic pair of shoes: clear plastic sandals with a small block heel and bright red cherries on top. It was love at first sight.

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The Tale Of The Girl and Her Overalls

5 Rules That Will Elevate Your Work Look

Getting Ready Time: 18 minutes.

Once upon a time there was a girl who worked in an office. The girl worked in a strict office, the type where they impose the ‘no denim’ rule. The type where no one was allowed to hang jackets on the back of their chairs or have more than a single mug (with a big company logo naturally) visible on the table. There were even regular visits from HR to check the employee’s drawers for ‘neatness’, and if someone was more than one minute late to work, there was the Official Call from the aforementioned HR. The girl liked working in that company, but her free and fashion-loving spirit rebelled against the strict rules. So the girl found a way to wear her everyday clothes in such a way, that even the sternest of HR beasts could not disapprove.

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Why You Should Spend Your Monday In PJs

Ultimate Guy Magnet

Getting Ready Time: 20 minutes. But you have to keep your PJs ironed at all times. Otherwise, you will need extra 15 min for ironing. This is not a trend you can get away being lazy with. ‘Rolled out of bed’ creases will make you look, well… like you just rolled out of bed.

I always have like a good pair of pyjamas. And I am not talking about a sexy little chemise here. I mean a traditional full coverage, sex-is-off-the-table kind. Shirt with the trousers on.

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A Story Of The Chloe Blouse.

How To Transition Your Summer Look For Fall.

Getting Ready Time: 47 minutes. As it turns out, short hair doesn’t always mean less maintenance.

I have abandonment issues. Summer is leaving us, yet I am not yet ready to say goodbye. Just like a needy psychotic ex-girlfriend, not willing to admit that the relationship is over, I am clinging to the last remaining rays of the sunshine[1].

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