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About me

About me

So, how should I introduce myself…? How should I introduce my blog? I have been postponing writing this introduction for almost as long as I have been postponing starting the blog itself…

I suppose I should start by saying: Hi, my name is Alyona and I am addicted to all things fashion. My interest in fashion has always been on and off (always on, but sometimes in denial) and after moving to London to go to architecture school (don’t ask), working in interior design and jewellery business (as close as you can get to fashion without actually doing it) I have decide to face the fact that fashion will always be kinda my thing and actually do something about it. So here I am: sitting on my sofa, writing this intro.

What else? Oh, yes! The name for the blog.

Initially, when I created this blog, it was called The idea behind it actually came from my mother who made me think about all that time it takes me to get ready. After all, who of us hasn’t texted friends ‘I am almost here! I will be just a few more minutes!’, whilst jumping in the shower? And I thought that adding time to the blog would make it quite interesting. But a lot has changed since then. For the last few years, I have been working in the fashion business as a stylist, and as I have been slowly transitioning into fashion full time, I felt that the name of my blog should reflect that. So welcome to