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Socks and Sandals. A story of addiction.

Socks and Sandals. A story of addiction.

At my own peril, I will admit that even though the whole Birkenstocks with socks have been trending for a while, it was never a combo that I have personally worn. Recommended to clients? Sure. Liked and commented on Instagram? Of course. But never actually worn it. Until last week.

It was a cold-ish day at the end of October, and I really wanted to wear my uber comfortable shearling sandals. Yet, with you-know-what still spreading around like wildfire, keeping myself warm has become kind of a priority. Enter socks. Original? No. But it was a first for me.

My first exploit were a pair of classic tall white Nikes. And oh my God, was I an immediate convert. Cosy, toasty feet AND a slightly sportier vibe they added to my otherwise structured outfit? Yes, and yes. Honestly, it only took this one time to hook me. It’s practically fashion crack. Since then, it has been a combo I have worn over and over and over again. It’s warm, soft, and I don’t have to deal with the whole city dirt thing I get when I wear sandals in London.

Since then, I have constantly been looking for fun new styles. Like with every addict, one hit was not enough. The very next day, I dug out some previously unworn (shame on me!) gems and purchased a few more pairs of ‘fancy’ socks in different colours.

I also may have purchased a few more pairs of sandals, now that I count them as part of my ‘winter’ staples ;).

Photographer: Kit Lee

I’m wearing: Celine hat (similar budget friendly option here), Zara coat (similar on sale here), Gucci socks (similar here, here and here), Alexander McQueen sandals (similar by Birkenstock here and here), Bottega Veneta bag, Prada sunglasses.