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Control Your Stripes

Control Your Stripes

Getting Ready Time: 1 hour and 21 minutes. Perfecting colour coordination and a perfect red lip take time.

Recently I started to get the feeling that I am losing touch with reality. The constant kaleidoscope of work, travel, wedding prep, etc. Maddening! It turns out that it doesn’t take much more than that to turn a sane woman (ok, maybe relatively sane) into a raging maniac with homicidal tendencies. But funnily enough, whenever I start feeling like I have lost my mind, I start paying a lot of extra attention to my clothes.

For the last 6 months, I have been so busy that everything that wasn’t denim has been neglected and forgotten at the bottom of the closet. But once I’ve actually reached the stage of completely losing my shit (and that’s a medical term), suddenly all I want to do is to dress up! It might seem a little bizarre but – just like putting on an extra layer of war paint make-up after a “wildly entertaining” (and by that, I mean OFF my face) night out – having on a beautifully pulled together outfit could make you feel a lot more in control. Get rid of the denim and put on your stripes my sumptuous Zebra!

Control Your Stripes. 7 More Minutes. London fashion blog by Alyona Prykhodko. Daily fashion. London. Alyona is wearing Marni trousers and jumper, Gucci heels, Olympia Le Tan clutch, Dior ring, LV bracelet.

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Photographer: Kit Lee

I’m wearing:
Marni jumper and trousers, Olympia Le Tan clutch (on sale!), Gucci shoes, Dior ring and LV bracelet.