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New York City

New York City

Sneak A Peak Of Our Trip To NYC

Getting Ready Time: 6 days. And what can I tell you? You can never have too much time in New York City.

Hello, everyone. The original title of this post was supposed to be The Return of the Prodigal Daughter, but in the end, I have decided to give it a highly original name of New York City. You might have been wondering why I have been absent for so long (or at least I would like to think that you were wondering and that you care), but a lot of things have been happening in my life as of late. And I could not bring myself to commit to everything at once. However, I am back baby! I have a new job, a new business project (I will tell you all about it later), a couple of new outfits, tons of styling advice to share and a few extra kilos (less excited about that one).

It might take me a week or so to get back to my usual posting timeframe, but I promise that I will. For now, please enjoy our previously unshared video on our trip to NYC. We shot it last November when E and I went to the US as a means of celebrating our birthdays (we are only 3 days apart), but I just never had time to edit the video properly.

I hope you will enjoy it. And if you do, do subscribe to my Youtube channel and give the video a thumbs up. xx